A Complete Travel Guide to Seville’s Royal Alcazar

The Royal Alcazar is a stunning complex, declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987, and is the oldest royal palace still in use in Seville, Spain. 

It has been the center of power in Andalusia for centuries, showcasing the legacies of various dynasties, from the Moorish to the Christians.

Combining Islamic, Gothic, Renaissance, and Mudejar architectural styles, the complex is a marriage of Christian and Mudejar architecture.

The palace complex covers an area of about 2 hectares (5 acres) and contains over 300 rooms decorated with tiles, stained glass, wood carvings, and paintings.

The Royal Alcázar in Seville welcomes over 2 million visitors every year, making it one of the most visited palaces in Spain. 

This guide will provide you with in-depth insights about visiting the Royal Alcazar Palace, from ticket types and prices to discounts, inclusions, and highlights.

So, before you head up to the palace, make sure you read this guide to make the most of your visit.

Alcazar of Seville – In a Nutshell

Opening hours: 

Summer hours (April to September): 9 am to 7 pm
Winter Hours (October to March): 9 am to 5 pm

Last Entry: 2 hours before closing time

Time required to visit: 2 to 3 hours

Best time to visit: Early morning or late evenings

Ticket Price: €18

Must See: Courtyard of the Maidens, Hall of the Ambassadors, Gardens, Gothic Palace


The Royal Alcázar is located near the Guadalquivir River and adjacent to the iconic Seville Cathedral. It is easily accessible by foot, just a short stroll (1 minute) from the bustling Plaza del Triunfo.


Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004 Sevilla, Spain. Get Directions

What secrets does the Royal Alcázar of Seville whisper?

The Royal Alcazar of Seville is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular tourist attractions in Spain.

It is a stunning palace complex with a rich history that dates back to the 10th century.

The Alcazar is a blend of different architectural styles, including Moorish, Mudéjar, and Gothic, which makes it a truly unique and beautiful place to visit.

The Journey Begins

Your visit to the Alcazar will begin at the Puerta del León (Lion’s Gate), the main entrance to the palace.

From there, you’ll step into the Patio del León (Lion’s Courtyard), a beautiful space with a central fountain and orange trees.

Be sure to take a moment to admire the Mudéjar-style architecture, which is a blend of Islamic and Christian elements.

Exploring the Palace Complex

Next, you’ll make your way into the palace itself.

Here, you’ll be able to wander through a series of rooms and courtyards, each with its own unique charm. Some of the highlights include:

Patio de las Doncellas Seville

1. Patio de las Doncellas(Courtyard of the Maidens)

This stunning courtyard is surrounded by galleries with intricate tilework and arches. In the center, there is a long pool reflecting the sky.

Salón de Embajadores

2. Salón de Embajadores(Hall of Ambassadors)

This grand hall was used for important ceremonies and receptions. It is decorated with stunning Mudejar plasterwork and azulejos (tiles).

Salón de las Tapices

3. Salón de las Tapices(Hall of Tapestries)

This hall is home to a collection of Flemish tapestries that depict scenes from the life of Christ.

Palacio del Rey Don Pedro

4. Palacio del Rey Don Pedro(Palace of King Pedro)

This is the oldest part of the Alcazar and it is home to some of the most impressive Mudéjar architecture in the palace.

Wandering Through the Gardens

No visit to the Alcazar would be complete without a stroll through its expansive gardens.

With over 20,000 plants, the gardens are a true oasis in the heart of the city.

Be sure to take your time to explore the different areas, including the Patio del Estanque (Pond Courtyard), the Jardín de los Poetas (Garden of the Poets), and the Jardín de la Vega Inclan (Garden of Vega Inclan).

 The Alcazar is a popular tourist destination, so it’s a good idea to book your Seville Alcazar tickets online in advance to avoid long lines.

Where to buy Alcazar of Seville tickets?

Deciding where to purchase tickets for the Royal Alcazar can be confusing. While both online and onsite options exist, online booking offers significant advantages.

Firstly, convenience reigns supreme. With just a few clicks, you can secure tickets anytime, anywhere, eliminating travel and potentially lengthy queues.

Additionally, online platforms provide access to a wider range of ticket options, allowing you to tailor your visit to your preferences.

Furthermore, online bookings often come with attractive discounts, especially when purchasing multiple tickets at once.

This can translate to substantial savings compared to onsite purchases.

Avoiding long queues, which can stretch for hours at the onsite counter, allows you to maximize your time exploring the Alcazar’s wonders.

With only 250 visitors allowed per time slot, securing your desired entry time becomes challenging at the onsite counter.

Finally, online booking delivers the peace of mind of e-tickets, eliminating the risk of losing physical tickets and ensuring a smooth entry process.

How to Buy Tickets for Alcazar Seville

Purchasing tickets to the Louvre Museum online is a simple process.

You can begin by clicking the button below, and you will land on the following screen.

How much do Royal Alcazar Tickets cost?

The simple entry ticket to Seville Alcazar costs €20 for adults between the ages of 14 and 65.

Whereas senior citizens above 65 years old pay a discounted fee of €11 and childrens below 13 can enter the alcazar for €1.

European Union students aged 14 to 30 with a valid ID pay a reduced rate of €11.

The guided tour of Alcazar Seville is priced at €20 for visitors above the age of 14. 

Meanwhile, teenagers between the ages of 9 and 13 pay a concession rate of €11, and children below 8 years pay a fee of €2.

The Seville Alcazar guided tour costs €28 for EU citizens with valid ID.

The Royal Alcazar of Seville ticket prices are as follows:

Types of TicketTicket PriceTicket link
Cheapest Entry Ticket€20Buy This Ticket
Alcazar of Seville skip the line ticket€19Buy This Ticket
Seville Alcazar Entry with Audio Guide€25Buy This Ticket
Alcazar of Seville skip the line and guided tour€2 to €36Buy This Ticket
Alcazar, Cathedral and Giralda Tower guided tour€19 to €55Buy This Ticket
Seville bike tour€24 to €30Buy This Ticket
Seville Pass€13 to €59Buy This Ticket
Seville sightseeing tour€16 to €31Buy This Ticket
Cadiz to Seville shore excursion€115    Buy This Ticket

Types of Royal Alcazar of Seville Tickets – Choosing the right option for you

With limited entry slots for only 250 visitors and various ticket options, deciding on a ticket that fits your needs and schedule isn’t always straightforward.

You want to maximize your time inside but may struggle to find availability.

This section will help you select the ideal Royal Alcazar ticket to ensure you have the best possible experience.

Also, it will outline the different ticket types – including features, prices, and entry times.

1. Royal Alcazar Seville Entry ticket 

1- Royal Alcazar Seville Entry Ticket
Image: Carrotsandtigers.com

This is the most affordable option to enter the Royal Alcazar of Seville.

You can explore the palace complex, including the Mudejar Palace, the Hall of Ambassadors, and the Courtyard of the Maidens, for just €20.

You must upgrade your entry ticket to access the Royal Bedrooms and an audio guide.

This Alcazar entrance ticket is valid for one full day and cannot be refunded.

Ticket price:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (14 to 65 years)€20
Child ticket (upto 13 years)€1
Senior Citizen ticket (66+ years)€11
Student EU Citizens ticket (with ID)€11

2. VIP Ticket

2- VIP Tour
Image: Alcazarsevilla.org

The Alcazar Seville skip the line tickets give you priority access to the royal palace of Seville with express security checks.

At just €19, you can admire the Mujedar architecture and stroll across the grand hall of Charles V.

However, this skip the line Alcazar Seville ticket is timed with time slots starting at 9.30 am and excludes audio tour or guide services.

You can cancel your ticket 24 hours prior to your scheduled visit and get a full refund.

Ticket price:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (14 to 65 years)€19
Child ticket (upto 13 years)€1
Senior Citizen ticket (65+ years)€9
Student EU Citizens ticket (14 to 30 years)€9

 Visitors with special needs (people with mobile impairment) can get admission to Seville Alcazar for €1

3. Guided Tour

3- Guided Tour
Image: Alcazardesevilla.com

Navigating the Royal Alcazar’s extensive 17,000 square meter complex independently can prove difficult.

An Alcazar Seville guided tour is thus a convenient way to discover this historic royal residence.

Led by an informative guide, the 75-minute tour allows visitors to learn about the palace grounds while walking the courtyards.

Guides relate the history of Muslim and Christian kings who resided within.

Headsets are provided so the guide’s commentary can be heard clearly throughout the tour, which is limited to 18 people for an optimal experience.

It is possible to cancel your Alcazar of Seville guided tour up to 24 hours in advance and receive a 100% refund.

Tour price:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (14 to 65 years)€37
Child ticket (9 to 13 years)€9
Infant ticket (upto 8 years)€8
Senior Citizen ticket (65+ years)€11

4. Combo Guided Tour

4- Combo Tour
Image: Simplicityrelished.com, Wikipedia.org

The Alcazar, Cathedral and Giralda combo tour offers an efficient way to experience Seville’s most important historical sites.

For €55, this 3-hour guided tour provides entry to three of Spain’s chief landmarks—the Royal Alcazar Palace, Seville Cathedral, and Giralda bell tower.

Starting at the Alcazar complex, guests are granted expedited access to explore the intricately designed architecture and interiors at their own pace.

Originally constructed as a fortified palace for Islamic caliphs, the Alcazar remains one of Andalusia’s finest examples of Mudéjar style.

Next, the tour moves to Seville Cathedral, the largest Gothic church in the world. 

Inside, visitors can admire its ornate gold-plated altars and royal tombs containing the remains of Christopher Columbus.

Dating back to the 13th century, the cathedral’s construction spanned several rulers and styles.

Concluding at the Giralda, guests climb the bell tower’s spiraling ramp to take in panoramic views of Seville from its summit.

The tower was originally built as a minaret during the city’s Islamic era, later converted for Christian use.

Tour price:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (14 to 65 years)€58
Child ticket (9 to 13 years)€11
Infant ticket (upto 8 years)€10
Senior Citizen ticket (65+ years)€51

5. City Bike Tour

5- City Bike Tour
Image: Bajabikes.eu

For €30, the three-hour Seville Bike Tour provides bicycles, helmets and a guide to lead small groups along a route through the city’s central districts and major landmarks.

Starting from meeting points in the city center, the tour passes through Triana and Arenal – offering glimpses of traditional architecture and local life.

Next, it crosses the Eslora Bridge to reach Seville Cathedral – a prime example of a Gothic structure, and the adjacent Royal Alcazar complex displaying Andalusian Mudéjar influences.

Other sights covered include Maria Luisa Park, the Arch of Triumph, and Plaza de España.

Throughout, the guide ensures safe navigation and shares brief historical facts.

At the tour’s end, participants receive a complimentary photo album of their journey. 

Cancellations up to one day in advance qualify for full refunds.

Tour price:

Visitor’s AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (18+ years)€30
Child ticket (upto 18 years)€24

6. City Pass

6- City Pass
Image: Wikipedia.org, Citypasses.eu

The Seville City Pass offers efficient sightseeing access around the city for just €59.

Valid for two consecutive days, the pass provides unlimited use of the open-top sightseeing buses serving 14 major destinations across Seville.

Rather than paying for individual attraction tickets, visitors can freely board and disembark the buses as many times as desired at each stop.

This allows for independent exploration of landmarks at one’s own pace.

Stops include the Cathedral, Royal Alcazar Palace, Maria Luisa Park, Arch of Triumph and Plaza de España – showcasing the city’s historic highlights.

With the Seville travel pass, tourists can focus on immersing themselves in each place rather than rushing between sites.

An additional benefit includes discounts of up to 10% at other Seville attractions, like Flamenco shows.

Pass price:

Visitors’ AgeTicket Price
Adult ticket (13+ years)€59
Child ticket (5 to 12 years)€13
Infant ticket (upto 4 years)€1
EU Senior Citizen ticket (65+ years)€42
EU Student ticket (14 to 30 years)€49

Royal Alcazar of Seville Combo tickets

With the combo tickets, visitors can maximize sightseeing and experience Seville’s top attractions with one convenient ticket that included admission to Seville Alcazar.

Visitors choose combo tickets for many reasons, including:

  1. If you buy a combo ticket instead of purchasing tickets for each attraction separately, you can save up to 20%. 
  1. You can visit all included sights with a combo ticket, saving you the trouble of buying separate tickets at each location.
  1. For two to three days, you can visit the included attractions at your own pace.

We have compiled a list of Seville Alcazar combo tickets for your selection:

Popular Combo TicketsCost
Alcazar + Seville Cathedral + Giralda Tower€55
Torre Del Orro Cruise + Alcazar Seville Entry€32
Seville Aquarium + Royal Alcazar ticket€34
Triana Flamenco Show + Alcazar Entry€41
Seville Alcazar + Hop On Hop Off Tour€41
Museum of Illusion Seville + Alcazar admission€29
Seville Cathedral + Alcazar + 48 hour Hop-On Hop-Off€73
Alhamra & Nasrid Palaces + Cathedral + Real Alcazar€74
Seville City Audio Guide + Alcazar Tour€42

Royal Alcazar of Seville Ticket discounts

The Royal Alcazar of Seville provides discounts based on age. 

These discounts are available to children, students aged 17 to 25, and seniors (65 and older). 

A skip the line Alcazar Seville ticket costs €19, but seniors and EU students pay €9, and younger visitors (under 13) pay €1.

Similarly, passes such as the Seville Pass and the Seville City sightseeing hop-on hop-off bus tour provide access to multiple attractions at once.

Plus, they offer a 10% discount on entry tickets to Seville’s top attractions.

Royal Alcazar of Seville Timings

The Royal Alcázar of Seville has varying opening hours depending on the time of year.

From April 1st to September 14th, Alcazar Seville is open daily from 9.30 am to 7 pm.

And from September 15th to the end of February, the hours are from 9.30 am to 5 pm.

The last entry is permitted only until two hours before the closing time.

In addition, the Alcázar is closed on January 1st, April 6th, Good Friday, and December 25th each year.

What’s the best time to visit Alcazar in Seville?

If you want to avoid crowds, the best time to visit Seville’s Royal Alcázar is early in the morning when the Palace opens or late afternoon after 5 pm.

The off-season months of October to April see fewer tourists, providing a more tranquil setting to appreciate the Alcázar’s historic architecture and gardens.

For visits during peak summer and December periods, crowds can be large. 

To avoid long lines during these peak seasons, it is recommended that you purchase Alcazar Seville skip the line ticket in advance. 

How Long Does It Usually Take for the Royal Alcazar of Seville to Visit?

If you are short on time, you can see the highlights of the palace in about 2 hours. 

This would include the Mudéjar Palace, the Patio de las Doncellas, and the Salón de Embajadores.

If you want to see everything, including the gardens, you should allow at least 4 hours.

The gardens are quite large and there are many different paths to explore.

How do I reach the Royal Alcazar of Seville?

The Royal Alcazar, located in the heart of Seville at Patio de Banderas, s/n, 41004 Seville, Spain.

It is easily accessible by various means, offering a convenient choice for every traveler.


For a smooth and efficient journey, consider reaching the Seville Alcazar via train.

The closest station is Puerta Jerez, conveniently served by the C1 train line.

Simply disembark at Puerta Jerez and enjoy a short 400-meter walk to the palace entrance.

Alternatively, if you prefer the light rail, take the T1 line to the same Puerta Jerez station.


There are several bus options available to travel to the Royal Alcázar of Seville. 

The closest bus stations are El Cid Av. (Rectorado), Menendez Pelayo (Juzgados), Menendez Pelayo (Diputacion), Paseo de Las Delicias (Almirante Lobo), and Paseo Colon (Jardines Cristina), all within a 7 to 9 minute walk from the Alcázar. 

Check the bus lines 35, C3, 01, C4, A4, and 05 for convenient connections


Seville’s 18 km light metro network seamlessly connects various city points, including the Alcazar.

Board the L1 line, specifically aiming for the Prado de San Sebastian station.

This stop serves as the closest metro access point to the Alcazar, offering a mere 3-minute walk to the palace entrance.


Driving to the Royal Alcázar of Seville can be a unique experience, as you will pass through the historic streets of the old city.

However, finding parking close to the palace can be difficult due to its central location.

If you are driving, it is best to hire a taxi once you reach the vicinity of the Alcázar.

A cab ride from elsewhere in Seville to the palace gates typically costs between €4 to €5.

People also ask…

How much does it cost to visit Alcazar Seville?

The general admission ticket price of Seville Alcazar is €19, while the discounted ticket price is €12 for retired people (66+ years) and students aged between 14 and 30 years old

Are there any discounts available for visiting the Royal Alcazar of Seville?

Yes, there are discounts available for visiting the Royal Alcazar of Seville!

Children under 13, students between 17 and 25 years old, and senior citizens above 65 years old can all enjoy discounted ticket prices.

For example, the general adult ticket price is €18, but the discounted ticket price for these groups is €11.

Additionally, some passes like the Seville Pass and Seville City Sightseeing tour offer entry to many attractions, including the Alcazar, and provide a 10% discount on entry tickets. 

Are the Royal Alcazar tickets timed?

Yes, Royal Alcazar tickets are timed. The palace limits the number of visitors per hour to 250, so it’s important to stick to your chosen time slot to avoid disappointment. 

Do Alcazar Seville tickets include skip the line access?

Many Alcazar Seville tickets offer skip the line access, allowing visitors to bypass long waiting lines.

Tickets labeled “skip the line” or included in guided tours and passes like the Seville Pass or Cadiz to Seville shore excursion explicitly mention this perk.

By purchasing one of these tickets that specify skip the line access, such as the Alcazar of Seville skip the line ticket, visitors can enjoy fast-tracking directly to security upon arrival at the popular historic site.

Do you need to buy tickets in advance for Alcazar Seville?

Yes, it is highly recommended to buy tickets in advance for the Real Alcazar of Seville. 

The palace often has long queues, especially during high season, and there is a visitor limit of 250, so it’s possible that you may not be able to enter until the end of the day without a reservation.

What is the dress code for Real Alcázar palace?

The dress code for the Real Alcazar of Seville is smart casual, which means that visitors should avoid wearing shorts, swimwear, or athletic wear.

It is also recommended that shoulders be covered, so carrying a scarf to cover the shoulders if needed is advisable.

How do I get into Royal Alcazar Seville?

There are two primary ways to gain entry into the renowned Royal Alcazar of Seville. 

Visitors can purchase tickets in advance online through the official website or authorized ticketing platforms, allowing them to bypass lines and secure a preferred time.

Alternatively, tickets may be bought on-site at the ticket counter located at the Plaza de Virgen de los Reyes, though queues can be long.

Advance online booking is recommended to ensure entry at a convenient time.

How much time do you need at Real Alcázar Seville?

A typical tour of the Royal Alcazar of Seville can last around 2-3 hours

What is the best month to visit Alcazar Seville?

The best time to visit the Royal Alcazar of Seville is during the spring and early summer months, particularly in March and April.

During this period, the weather is pleasant, and the gardens are in full bloom, creating a beautiful and vibrant setting for exploration.

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